Covet Fashion : The Ultimate Beginners Guide

covet fashion beginners guide

Beginners Guide

Covet Fashion is a fashion-based game introduced for Android and iOS devices. In the game, the goal of every player is to dress up an Avatar (change the hairs, dresses, eyes, makeup, and skin tone).

Also, they can buy a different dress from the game store to make the avatar more charming as well as good-looking.

Overall the game is totally based on Fashion as well as style. If you love the way, besides need to learn new techniques, you can easily play Covet Fashion once. Lots of 3D features, tasks, items, rewards, dresses, fashion looks are added in the game, which makes it different besides fabulous from other games.

Playing the game smoothly allows you to learn different fashion designs also explore endless fun. If you are a newbie to Covet Fashion game, then it is necessary to pay attention to forthcoming content more.

Here we are going to discuss beginners guide which helps to progress faster without getting stressed.

Covet Fashion Game Tutorial For Beginners

For all newbie’s it is suggested to don’t miss the game tutorial. Game tutorial plays a vital role for beginners who need to understand game basics, controls, functions, the system also features. Mainly it helps you to understand the basics of how to play the game or what to do.

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With the help of the tutorial, gamers can play the game smoothly and can complete all challenges.

Obtain Daily Bonus

Logging in the game daily allows you to earn free 100 diamonds with 20 tickets. Make sure that you’ll use these currencies wisely as it’s hard to earn further. Either you don’t have enough time to play the game often, don’t forget to collect a daily bonus. There is great resource by on covet fashion hack which actually works, Do checkout the all cheats shared by them.

covet fashion bonus

Covet Fashion Bonus

It is a great advantage for beginners to receive free rewards without wasting more time or efforts.

Shop Correctly

In early stages you cannot earn more amount of money, so try to shop dressed well. If you are familiar with shop brands, you would know that not having enough cash can create more problems. To avoid issues, it is suggested for all users to shop those items which look pretty.

In early stages, try to collect that item which is necessary to complete the challenge. Completing more challenges allows a player to maintain money besides buying high-value brands.

Connect With Facebook

Like all other games, Covet Fashion also offers you to attach the game with Facebook. Performing this task first provides a specific amount of rewards, including in-game currencies to the users. Overall, connecting with Facebook is considered as most natural besides free method to earn currencies once.

covet fashion facebook connect

Also performing this task offers different advantages to players such as-

  • Playing with friends
  • Borrowing items from friends
  • Progressing in the game faster


To play the game fairly, players need to vote for the better models in every single challenge. Unlocking trendy fashions also help gamers to earn several items, as well as prizes.

If you want that other player to vote your model more, you need to vote fairly without cheating.

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