Everything You Need To Know About Guns Of Glory


Guns of Glory is a top MMO battle game introduced for Android and IOS devices. The set contains lots of exciting events, missions, challenges, and features that allow players to enjoy more and reduce mental stress.

While playing the game, users need to perform various tasks such as building an empire, army, collecting resources, fighting, and joining a powerful alliance. As we mentioned, Guns of Glory is a multiplayer game, so you can easily play it with more friends.

The game is entirely free to play; however, players can also make a purchase of such resources or items as per their wishes and needs.

Features, tutorial, 3D graphics makes Guns of Glory more attractive as compared to other battle games. If you love to try different battle or action games, you should try Guns of Glory on iOS.

Here we are going to mention some of those core concepts that you need to know. Focus on the forthcoming content more helps to gain unlimited benefits.


As we mentioned, unusual features of Guns of Glory make it superb, that’s why here we are going to say some of them-

  • Strategy warfare
  • World war
  • Exciting missions and events
  • Daily rewards
  • Connect with Facebook
  • Build a castle, buildings and your own empire
  • Advanced RTS combat


While entering the game after completing the tutorial and basics, users can see objectives feature at the bottom of the screen.

Choosing those options to allow you to play different missions, learn guns of glory cheats, earn rewards, and obtain more benefits.

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While beginners are suggested to perform this task correctly, playing missions daily helps them to learn the controls, basics, essential besides how to play smoothly. Completing each mission offers a certain amount of resources, items, gifts, in game currencies, and so on.


This feature of Guns of Glory game allows players to create a powerful team and help each other to perform tasks. They can easily invite friends to play or can join existing alliances.

With team members, they can complete each work faster without getting stressed or depressed. If you are a beginner in Guns of Glory, try to perform this task as soon as possible. However, it not only helps to build an empire faster but also offers an excellent protection to avoid enemy attacks.


Hundreds of exciting events are organized in Guns of Glory game on a daily basis. Playing those events correctly helps users to gain an array of rewards, benefits, prizes, gifts, and so on.

  • Gold event- it is one of the fantastic facts of the game where players need to compete with others to gain points. As per rankings, users are awarded with different resources or gifts.
  • Gathering stage- this kind of event is so simple, as players need to collect resources as much as possible.
  • Upgrade stage- as per more buildings and upgrades, users can win in this event quickly.
  • Astrologer stage- simply spin the wheel for gaining points as per luck.
  • Troop training stages- in this stage, you need to make your army more powerful.

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