My Singing Monsters Cheats to Grab a Boost in Monster Island

My Singing Monsters Cheats

Days are gone when Dungeons and Dragons used to be the game of attraction and Monsters used to be the most vulnerable creature. In this 21st century, you can own a complete island full of monsters, and the prettiest thing is these monsters do not fight.

my singing monsters hack tool

They sing and create an orchestra in a fascinated deserted island where you are the master of that universe. All you have to download My Singing Monster and start playing.

As a new player, you might have the dilemma of doing things that may go wrong since these games are counted on resources that get gathered up through playing the game. Here we are, to feed you with some of my singing monsters cheats that can help you understand the game mechanics to collect more game resources.

How to Make Coins and Gems Quickly In My Singing Monster:

Coins are the currencies that can give you the liberty of collecting all the unlocked resources and place it on your island. But how to hack my singing monsters? Leveling up in the game is the first criteria to unlock them and then only you have the power to purchase. So here are a few my singing monsters cheats how you can gain coins in my singing monster:

Daily Login

As you log in daily in the game, you can spin the wheel in the castle of the plant island. If your luck is with you, the reward can be whooping coins, diamonds or food. Even in some cases, you get other rewards like structures or rare monsters. So never forget to spin daily.

Play the Memory Game in the Castle

As you enter the castle, there is a section of a memory game, and you can play free once. The rewards of winning this my singing monsters cheats is a fascinating 10,000 coins.

Invite Friends to Play the Game:

Similar to other game, My singing monster also has a provision to play the game with your friends. There is a referral code available in the friend’s section, and that creates an opportunity to get diamonds in the game. In each referral in the game, you and your friend get five diamonds.

Play the Game Goal-Oriented

In the top left side of the game, you will find a task pad that sets your goals in the game. As a head start the goal pad is the best to follow, and it gives you correctly my singing monsters cheats through gain of coins, XPs and food. Some of the examples at the beginning that are lucrative are listed below:

  • When you place a Mammot in the Gold Island it gives you 1,000,000 coins– you have to level up Mammot to level 15 to get these coins.
  • When you place a Noggin in the Gold Island it gives you 1,000,000 coins– you have to level up Noggin to level 15 to get these coins.
  • When you place a Dumpler in the Gold Island it gives you 1,000,000 coins– you have to level up Dumpler to level 15 to get these coins.

Follow these my singing monsters hack no survey and earn sufficient coins for the game.

Share Your Achievements on Facebook

Sharing your results on Facebook gives you one diamond. So simply share your story of a first breeding monster and get the diamond for free.

Upgrade Your Monsters to Gain More Coins

Your monsters earn you coins in the game and to earn more coins in the game is to upgrade them and make them happy. You will get specific instructions to make the monsters happy, and once you do the same, your coin income increases.

As an example, if you place a fire bush beside a noggin, your coin gets boosted.

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Build a Mine to Earn Diamonds

Build a Mine

As you reach level 8, you get a chance to build a mini mine in exchange for coins. After you create a mini mine, you can create the diamonds. It is the easiest my singing monsters cheats in the game. But to buy a mini mine, you require 500,000 coins.

Breed And Sell Monsters:

Once you unlock the breeding tree, you can breed monsters and create them as many as you want. The best way to earn more coins in My singing monster is to reproduce and sell the monsters for coins. So if you have a similar result of the breeding, it is the best my singing monsters hack to trade and earn coins quickly.

Convert Resources

There is a best my singing monsters hack to manage your resources in My singing monster, and that is the conversion of resources in the market. So once you have many coins, you can convert them to diamonds. However, the conversion rate is too high; 1,140,000 coins gives you fifty diamonds.

Weekly Offer in Nursery


Play a scratch and win the game in the Nursery, and you can earn rare monster eggs. As your level grows up, the chance of getting the limited monster increases in the game.

Speed Up Watching A Video:

When your hatching takes a long time, you can speed up with spending diamonds. However, there are my singing monsters hack in the game that is easy to use. You can speed up the game with the view of some commercial ad in the game. Saving one diamond in speeding up by watching these ads is always a good option.

A Few Words about My Singing Monsters Cheats and Mods

When you are in desperate need of some coins and other resources, it is the best ides to play the game with patience. You may find some websites that are offering my singing monsters hack. Thorough research revealed that many people had lost their game account using these my singing monsters hack apk.

Some sites you will also find that are providing mod apk for the game. Listen to the truth from an experienced gamer, no my singing monsters mod apk can give you coins and diamonds with some cheap trick.

My singing monster is an appealing game for those who have patience and play according to the game mechanics. My singing monsters cheats referred above are the only way to get the in-game currencies. Follow these my singing monsters hack, and you will get all that you want in the game.

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