The Sims Mobile Tokens Guide

the sims mobile tokens

The Sims mobile has proved its success through a large number of players attraction, But few gamers struggle a lot in getting the premium currency. It is an essential item that requires some attention.

In this post, we are going to describe all about Tokens and the ways to get it.

Overview of Different Tokens in The Sims Mobile

In Sims Mobile, tokens are used as a luxury currency. Tokens ‘ primary aim is to buy products at the house and workplaces in buy mode. The exception to this is Party Tokens, used to sponsor certain parties.

There are three kinds of general tokens, namely, Career Token, Hobby Token and Party Token. These General tokens are much simpler to achieve than the other rarer tokens.

Career Tokens

Career tokens or the blue token like briefcases are the tokens related to career objective and its achievements.

tokens in the sims mobile

If you accomplish the Mystery Reward Level, Career Tokens can become an award for any career event. You can also be granted for achieving any special event. It can also be discovered if a Sim utilizes an item of career reward. Do Check out the sims mobile hacks at for more information on how to hack the sims mobile.

Hobby Tokens

Hobby Tokens coloured blue and come as kite icon is related to Hobbies of your Sims.

Once you achieve Mystery Reward amount, it can be an award from every Hobby Event. You can also be granted this token for finishing a special event. You may also get them while using a rare bookshelf that can be unlocked through mastering a hobby by your Sim.

Cooking, concert and fashion design can offer Hobby Tokens as incentives. Also do not believe on those fake the sims mobile mod apk sites which claims to give away free tokens.

Party Tokens

The balloon-icon party tokens are blue coloured. They are granted only for the organization and participation of birthdays and wedding parties. Always engage your Sim in more and more parties to get these Party tokens.

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Also if this party involves any of your Sim’s Hobby item, then the chances of rewards are more.

How to Earn Tokens

You can find tokens regularly if you finish any job that contains a Mystery Reward. For example, when a Sim utilizes a job award item or when you complete a profession or amateur event in sufficient quantities.

These are occasional chances to get these tokens from the game.

You have a chance to receive Hobby Tokens, Career Tokens or Rare Tokens of the specified types when you have completed a particular event or special event successfully. Specific kinds of Parties also reward some particular tokens.

  • Getting a Rare token is utterly random in the game.
  • Purchasing a specific token is not possible in the Sims Mobile through Sims cash.
  • Rare tokens can be obtained through Household Boost. But to get it requires sim cash.
  • Not all the rewards in terms of tokens are the same for everyone. It depends on your level and type of special event.

A Few Words About Rare Tokens

Art, Charisma, Creative, Culture, Fame, Fitness, Food, Fortune, Health, Influence, Joy, Knowledge, Language, Music, Performance, Technology, Wisdom are the types of rare token that you receive in the game at different stages and through various achievements.

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