WWE Supercard Currency Guide and Tips

wwe supercard currency guide

Lots of sports, as well as battle games, are out there by the game industry, WWE Supercard is one of them getting fame all over the world.

Many exciting features, graphics, functions, system used in the game to make it fabulous as compared to other games. if you love to watch WWE/wrestling, try to play WWE Supercard game once.

Playing the game smoothly helps users to explore endless entertainment without getting stressed. The game is freely offered for Android and IOS devices by Cat Daddy games.

The target of each player in the game is to collect different cards, pass missions, battles, collect rewards, progress to the next level faster.

With the help of in-game currencies, you can purchase every single item as well as upgrades of different cards.

Also, the game currencies help you to acquire all essential material for playing smoothly besides to perform all work tension-free.

Maintaining each currency of WWE Supercard helps you to grab more victory besides enjoy more. If you don’t know anything about in game currencies, try to focus on the forthcoming content more.

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Kinds of currenciesin wwe supercard

There are two kinds of currencies used in WWE Supercard game named as-

  • Credits
  • Energy


It is one of the main currencies of play with which you can upgrade as well as purchase more cards. Credits play a vital role in the game as with powerful or upgraded tickets they can succeed faster like no one another can.

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Having all kinds of cards permits you to enhance confidence as well as a chance of victory. Also, with the help of credits, you can find rare, valuable, and diva cards. There are many wwe supercard free credits hack and tricks available in the game to earn this currency and winning more battles is one of them.


Energy also plays a vital role in the WWE Supercard game from which a gamer can perform needy tasks. Having five power in storage helps you to participate in the king of the ring tournament. Also, you can revive the cards when it gets to tear out in the ring of the king tournament.

Gamers need to put some effort into gaining this currency more as it’s really not an easy task like cutting a piece of cake. You can win exhibition matches, ladders, small events, chairs, events besides challenges for gaining this currency.

Use all currencies wisely

As we mentioned earlier, it’s not an easy task for users to collect in-game currencies in a substantial amount, so users need to use them wisely. Learning how to use all currencies wisely helps you to grab extra benefits as well as succeed faster.

Purchase every item or upgrade as per needs, requirements, currencies usage. Concentrate on the game events more in order to achieve the objectives without wasting items on random moments.


With the help of the content mentioned above, we can easily say that every player needs credits as well as energy in the game more. It helps them to enjoy more besides achieving all their objectives smoothly.

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